Upcoming events

The Annual Meeting 2020 has to be unfortunately cancelled due to the COVID crisis and postponed in 2021. The date will be announced in September.

Past events

4th Congress of the Swiss Federation of Clinical Neuro-Societies (SFCNS)
23.-25. October 2019, Lausanne, Switzerland

38th Annual SSBP Meeting
5th September 2018, Bern, Switzerland

13th Wold Congress of Biological Psychiatry
18.-22. June 2017, Copenhagen, Denmark

37th Annual SSBP Meeting
31th August 2017, Solothurn, Switzerland

30th ECNP Congress
2.-5. September 2017, Paris, France

Annual SGPP Meeting
13.-15. September 2017, Bern, Switzerland

30th AGNP Symposium
4.-7. October 2017, München, Deutschland

WPA XVII World Congress Of Psychiatry
8.-12. Octover 2017, Berlin, Germany

3rd FSCNS Congress

28.-30. September 2016, Basel, Switzerland

29. AGNP-Symposium
23.-26. September 2015, München, Deutschland

3rd Alpine Sleep Summer School (ASSS)
29.06 - 3.07.2015, Lugano, Switzerland

12th World Congress of Biological Psychiatry (WFSBP)
14 - 18 June 2015, Athens